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The secret of the shaving brush has finally been cracked?

Mar 07,2024

The secret of the shaving brush has finally been cracked?

During the wet shaving process, the main function of the brush is to create lather and apply it on the face. These two steps are also part of the enjoyment of the shaving process.

A brush can help you create a rich, fine, thick lather from shaving cream or soap to completely cover your beard.

The brush helps soften the beard and moisturizes the skin, preventing razor irritation when the skin is not moist enough. The fineness of the brush can effectively penetrate into every pore, clean dirt, and give you a refreshing feeling. The quality of your shaving brush can make a world of difference to you.

fiber wool

Synthetic hair is suitable for men who are allergic to animal hair or animal protectors.

There are good and bad fiber wools. Poor fiber wool is relatively hard and has no ability to absorb water at all. Even though you stir it very strenuously in the bowl, it is difficult to create foam. It feels like you are brushing your face with a broom, and you can also feel the pain of being poked on your face.

■The coat color is dyed to prevent badger hair, and the hair is relatively hard.

■Advantages: cheap! No advantage except being cheap

■Disadvantages: Difficult to blister, it hurts more than a prick in the heart.

What kind of fiber wool is better?

With the advancement of modern technology, fiber hair has gradually begun to have a softness similar to badger hair, the hair color has also been dyed to be similar to badger hair, and the water absorption capacity has also improved. But foaming still requires a little patience, except for the disadvantage of absorbing water. Because it is as soft as badger hair, it feels relatively comfortable on the face and does not feel like it is pricking the face. If you are really allergic to animal hair and love animal protection, you can choose a good fiber hair and feel it.

Whether it is good fiber wool or poor fiber wool, there is a common problem, that is, there will be short hair and hair loss. It is generally recommended to replace it every year or so.

■The coat color is dyed to prevent badger hair, and the hair is softer

■Advantages: high softness

■Disadvantages: weak water absorption, long foaming time, lint loss

Shaving brushes made of boar bristles are more suitable for men who have just started wet shaving. The hair is slightly harder than fiber and badger hair, and can clean the skin very well. The natural animal's water-locking ability makes it easy to create foam.

In addition to its small flaws of not being gentle enough, it sometimes hurts the face, and after being used for a long time, the hair will gradually deform and split.

■Coat color is pure off-white, the hair is a bit hard

■Advantages: Animal hair has natural water-locking ability and can easily foam

■Disadvantages: Not soft enough, the hair shape will deform, and hair may fall out

It is mainly made of hair from different parts of the animal "badger". This animal is found only in Northeast China and the European Alps in the world. It is precious because of its rarity. It is the most high-end enjoyment among hair brushes that no one can imitate.

Badger hair is the most water-absorbent and water-locking ability among animal hairs, making it very suitable for use in shaving brushes. Just a little bit of water can create a very rich and delicate foam. The softness is also a new level that cannot be achieved by pig bristles and fiber hairs. It gives you a feeling that you don’t want to change to other brushes after using it.

Of course, badger hair is also graded, and hair in different parts has different levels of feeling.

■Badger hair is natural color and very soft.

■Advantages: Super water-locking ability, rich and delicate foam, soft hair, comfortable on the face

■Disadvantages: high price

Pure badger hair:

Most of them use badger's neck, shoulders, and arms, and the cut inner hair is slightly harder than other grades of badger hair. It is more suitable for players who are just starting to get into badger hair. This level of shaving brush is also relatively cost-effective.

Best Badger Hair:

Made of a combination of 20-30% softer hair from different parts of the badger, it will be softer and more comfortable than pure hair. It is suitable for players who want to upgrade to a higher level after being exposed to badger hair brushes.

Best Badger Hair:

Best badger is more expensive badger hair than "best" or "pure". Made from 40-50% badger back hair, the high quality top is slightly off-white, it is usually high quality "pure" hair with bleached ends.

Top Badger Hair:

Top quality badger hair is the highest quality badger hair. Made of 100% hair on the back, this part of the hair is also extremely rare, so the price is relatively more expensive. The top of the hair is a natural silvery white color, and the hair is very soft but not elastic when used. In Europe, more nobles and wealthy businessmen will choose top-notch brushes to highlight their status.

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