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How to choose a shaver and what to pay attention to when buying it

Mar 07,2024

How to choose a shaver and what to pay attention to when buying it

Everyone must be familiar with razors. After all, they are a necessity for men, and there are not as many brands and styles to choose from as women. So many men face a question when choosing a razor: Which one to buy? In fact, we can start with the two main functions of a shaver: shaving and shaving.

Since we are talking about shaving, there are two types of shaving: manual and electric. Manual shavers are divided into: rotary and reciprocating. There are even more electric shavers, let’s briefly introduce them below.


Reciprocating shavers mainly achieve the shaving effect through repeated reciprocating motion. Because the frequency of reciprocating motion is relatively high, it is also called a "high-speed rotary shaver." When this kind of shaver is working, the cutter head will come into contact with the face, and there will be a lot of friction between the cutter head and the face, so it will produce a lot of noise. Moreover, this razor blade is sharp and fast, so the shave is very clean. However, it produces relatively loud noise when working, and there is also a certain amount of friction between the cutter head and the face, so it is not highly recommended for shaving.


The rotary shaver is what we often call "Feike". Its principle is to achieve shaving by rotating the blade driven by a motor. The advantages of this type of razor are its large head area, fast shaving speed, long use time, and no skin allergies. But its shortcomings are also obvious: it is noisy and the blade rotates quickly, so it will produce huge noise when used. And when shaving, there is a gap between the blade and the skin, so it is easy to cause the beard to not be shaved cleanly. So the current rotary shaver has been replaced by the reciprocating shaver.

The difference between reciprocating and rotating

Reciprocating shaver: During the shaving process, there will be strong friction between the blade and the face, thus producing strong noise and causing damage to the skin.

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